Lucky West Clothing

At Lucky West we understand that we are all individual, and it can be frustrating buying the same branded clothes as everyone else.

We spend time looking for a quality product to give us that great feel and distinctive look, only to see someone else in the same branded t shirt (you suddenly lose that great feeling don’t you).


As a result, we decided to dedicate the last few years into creating a high end brand for people just like you (and us of course).  It all started with a road trip down the West Coast of America, stopping in at some of the great and famous spots and some lesser known ones  as well and ending with a the inspiring Orange County.


At Lucky West, we believe we have created a top quality brand that will set you apart from the crowd. We took influences from the Americana heritage, old style neon signs, and those that surfed all day and hit the diner by night.


Born out of Orange County, California. Lucky West produces the highest quality embroidery & print t shirts, with a vintage look & feel.